– group chat of people who are within 1 mile

Set up a group chat in seconds. Protect it with a password if you wish.

Perfect for events, meetups, or just chatting with people nearby e.g. students in your campus.



Simple game I created to try out Unity – WheelyRun

Share – use secure passwords you don’t need to remember

It sucks to have to remember so many passwords, doesn’t it? So, here’s an idea behind your private key, website name and your email / username are concatenated and then SHA-3 algorithm is used to generate unique password from that information. You need to use this form when you sign up or when you need to login. The passwords, of course, will be the same each time.

Share – the better YouTube experience

I love YouTube and use it quite a lot, but I think their interface could be much better. So, yesterday I’ve built the first version of wanting to replace the default interface. Check it out and let me know what you think.


HTML5 Tic Tac Toe game with local storage and canvas [now with minimax & alpha-beta pruning]

Modified: The algorithm for AI now uses the minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning.

Tic Tac Toe – a simple HTML5 game which uses local storage to store player’s and pc’s moves and draws a game with canvas. Here’s source code, I tried to comment as much as I can, but if you don’t understand something, leave a comment and I’ll try to explain.

Local storage stores¬†key/value pairs locally.¬†Like cookies, this data doesn’t get deleted even after you close your browser. So, you can make few moves in the game, close your browser, return to the game and you’ll still see stats and previous moves made by you and AI.

Why use local storage instead of cookies?

Local Storage is basically the same as cookies. Problem with cookies is that they are sent between browser and server with every HTTP request, so it slows our application. Secondly, Cookies are limited to ~4 KB of data when Local Storage can store up to 5MB.

HTML5 Storage support
IE Firefox Safari Chrome Opera iPhone Android
8.0+ 3.5+ 4.0+ 4.0+ 10.5+ 2.0+ 2.0+